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Application for access study facilities

Researchers using sources only preserved in the Árni Magnússon Institute for Icelandic Studies have priority over other scholars to use the Institute's study facilities.

Post-doctoral scholars can use study facilities for as long as their grant is in effect, with a maximum of three years. The same applies to other scholars who have been awarded research grants.

A doctoral student may have access to study facilities for up to three or four years (depending on the length of study) with the possibility of an extension of one additional year.

Other scholars can have access to study facilities for three to six months at a time. The application must be renewed if the guest wishes to continue to have access for a longer period. 

A student writing a master's dissertation in an academic field with connections to the Institute may have access to a desk for one month.

Efforts are made to keep two desks in the building Árnagarður reserved for occasional guests.

If guest scholars fail to make regular (under 70% attendance) or suitable use of facilities, they may risk having the access terminated.