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Photo gallery

The location of the summer school alternates between Reykjavik and Copenhagen. Here are some images from past summer schools in Copenhagen.

At several occasions during the summer school, students get to see manuscripts and gain first-hand experience of working with them.

A Manuscript in a cradle

A student studies a manuscript

Students and a teacher study a manuscript

Students study a manuscript


Teaching formats vary between lectures, workshops and group work, and each year, different specialists contribute to the curriculum with their particular expertise

A classroom full of students

Students studying in groups

A teacher assists during group study

A lecture hall full of students


Here, students learn about the basics of book production by folding and cutting their own quires as well as sewing them together.

Students folding and cutting quires

Students study sewing instructions

Students sewing quires together


During coffee breaks and receptions, students from different modules have the opportunity to meet and mingle.

Students and teachers mingle during a coffee break


Visits to the photographer’s and conservator’s workshops, give insight into the day-to-day work that takes place there.

Students visiting the photographer

Students visiting the conservator


Finally, a one-day excursion is an integral part of the curriculum. In this case the group went to Roskilde and Lejre.

Students visit the Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde

Students visit Roskilde Cathedral

Students visit the standing stones of Lejre