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Library and reading room


The institute operates a comprehensive research library. The library has access to Gegnir and its collections can be searched via the portal at

  • Materials are loaned out only for use on site.
  • You can reach the librarians and information scientists by email: or by phone: +(354) 839 4624.
The library’s opening hours are as follows:
  • Mon−Thu: 10−12 and 13−15
  • Fri: 10−12
  • By appointment

Summer vacation notice

  • The library will be closed July 8 – August 5.

The library’s collections focus on Icelandic studies, European medieval studies, ethnology, name studies, regional histories, language use, terminology science and lexicography. The library’s holdings comprise around 60,000 books and a number of journals as well as an offprint collection. The majority of the library's holdings is accessible on the 1st floor of Edda (the main collection). Other collections are housed on the 2nd and 3rd floors of Edda, in addition to annexed collections. Materials cataloged in the main collection are accessible to patrons during the library’s opening hours. Journals and other materials in other collections must be ordered a day in advance through the email address Orders received before 15:00 will be ready after 13:00 the following day. The library is staffed by librarians and information scientists Guðný Ragnarsdóttir ( and Kristín Konráðsdóttir (

Rules of conduct in the library and other spaces under the Árni Magnússon Institute for Icelandic Studies

The Árni Magnússon Institute for Icelandic Studies seeks to support a healthy work environment characterized by trust, confidentiality and equality. All visitors, students and staff members have the right to be treated with respect and no gender-based violence nor gender-based or sexual harassment are tolerated by the institute on the part of staff members or anyone else.

If it is determined that visitors or students have engaged in inappropriate behavior with regards to other visitors, students or staff members, i.e., gender-based violence, gender-based harassment, sexual harassment or victimization, this is considered a violation of the fundamental rules of conduct in the library and other spaces under the Árni Magnússon Institute for Icelandic Studies. Their access to these spaces will be immediately revoked and they must surrender their access card while the incident is under review. If staff members of the institute infringe on the rules of conduct with regard to visitors, students or other staff members, the appropriate course of action is determined by the institute’s Rules on Victimization.

Every effort shall be made so that the party subject to infringement is not negatively impacted by whatever arrangements are put in place to resolve the issue.

If a visitor or student is subject to the infringement, they should alert a staff member of the institute, who will then immediately contact one of the following:

Guðný Rósa Þorvarðardóttir, director of operations and services:
Guðrún Nordal, director of institute:

They may also be contacted directly.

These rules apply to all those affiliated with the Árni Magnússon Institute for Icelandic Studies.